April 9th, 10th, & 11th

Over the past few days I have been experimenting with something new (I’m always experimenting with something new, it seems like).

This is a new array of supplements in the morning, right when I wake up with my coffee, and then another couple with breakfast. I always have a goal with this stuff, and a little bit of background to see WHY I’ve been experimenting with what seems like my whole life is probably necessary. It’s always been about feeling extremely tired in the afternoon, and sleeping for 12-14 hours at a time if I go uninterrupted.

Moreover, when I wake up in the morning, I would feel very nauseous and spend the first few hours of the day nursing myself back to health. On the other hand, if I woke up at my natural time I would wake up feeling ashamed of myself, and lose part of the day to the anger and sadness that I have been wasting all my free time in bed.

Part of the problem was that I wasn’t eating healthy or exercising. About 8 months ago (thank god), I came to my senses, suddenly, and threw away all of the weed that I bought (AT THE STORE, MIND YOU; I live in Portland, Oregon) and started exercising everyday. When I say everyday, I mean EVERY DAY. I also read a book called Fit For Life and applied the principles in the book.

Suddenly, my life started to change! Unfortunately, my sleeping issues persisted, along with some other stuff, such as problems with attention, anxiety, and depression. On 4/7 I started taking a new formulation of melatonin that I purchased and the next day I noted “The night of the 7th I had some horrifying dreams that were vivid, but it started me on a path to waking up earlier. This is good for me because my mental health can’t stand being a night owl.” on the 8th, because it was the first day that I was able to wake up at a reasonable time.

Since then, I’ve fallen asleep at around 6 PM, 7 PM, and last night I fell asleep at 9 PM, along with taking naps when I get tired in the afternoon. That’s not the surprising thing though. The surprising thing is that I’ve started to wake up at 4:30 AM feeling refreshed! This is new for me. I have always peeled myself off of my mattress angrily grumbling about wanting to kill myself, and if I ever laid back down I’d be asleep for another 3 or 4 hours, at least.

After finding myself able to wake up at a reasonable time everyday, I set myself to the task of eliminating naps. This means having more energy to complete tasks during the day. Let me just report one very important thing, and it’s a recurring thing in the Fit For Life book I mentioned earlier.

April 4th – April 7th Nootropics Diary Entries

1:50 PM

I have been struggling a bit with frustration and stress, and I have always had long term problems with my stomach. Today I did my normal beginning, but this afternoon to fight fatigue and fend off my normal depressive symptoms that plague me throughout the day,

I am trying a probiotic along with a b-complex. I took the b-complex and the probiotic in the afternoon, and I am interested to see how it affects me. I am looking for something that will help me deal with stress in a positive way and emotionally regulate better, especially in the afternoon. My plan is to start with these to see how they affect me. I am also going to evaluate the effect of CBD and adoptogens such as ashwagandha and ginseng.

These along with other supplements that I take on a regular basis, such as magnesium, vitamin d, l-tyrosine, melatonin, and the occasional supplementation of low dose lithium orotate.

So far I am feeling pretty good and energized, and getting ready to eat some lunch along with these supplements. I am optimistic especially about the probiotic, as it includes the beneficial bacteria of milk and dairy (bifidobacterium and lactobacillus acidophilus) that I believe contribute to motivation and positive outlook.

10:05 AM

Last night I fell asleep early, then woke up at 11am but went back to sleep at about 1230 am. I decided to take a nap at about 6:30pm last night but I wasn’t feeling tired. It was a stupid decision and from now on I will exercise instead.

In evaluating the effects of the supplements, the pregnenolone provided clear thought and increased metat-rationality, along with decreased depressive symptoms. I was able to fight against the negative self-talk successfully and made great progress in coming to consensus with my more critical nature. My focus and motivation left something to be wanted, however I believe that this is due to the fact that it was towards the end of the day and I started to get tired.

Along with my morning supplementation, including PQQ, vitality renewal, and glucosamine chondroitin, I took ginkgo biloba. I am noticing additional ability to concentrate, similar levels of motivation, and increased mental clarity. I have a meeting at 11 AM and I am excited to evaluate verbal propensity


1:37 PM

This morning I took my usual NAC, PQQ, vitamin D complex, l-lysine, vitality renewal, glucosamine chondroitin, but for the afternoon, I’ve switched things up a bit. Instead of doing my usual I am trying out a new way of doing things, which involves, wait and see. I want to study the effects of these supplements by themselves so I can be more aware and use them more effectively, with the aim to operate at peak performance.

I’m starting a new job soon where I’ll be learning a lot of new stuff, and I’m already 28! I’m turning 29 this month, so I need to make sure I’m just as sharp as the other people in the class that will be much younger than me. In order to do this most effectively, I am going to use this next month as a study period so that I’ll know exactly what to supplement with at specific times.

Now I am going to take some pregnenolone, which is supplemented for it’s potential to sharpen the mind and find age-related decline. It’s got some nasty side effects, because it’s the mother hormone, but in small doses I think I’ll be able to get the benefits without any of the side effects. 

The typical recommended dose of pregnenolone is 30 mg, so I’m going to start out with 25 mg. I’m going to set a timer for 1 hour and come back and re-evaluate, at which point I’ll add ginkgo biloba. Later today I’ll round out with lithium orotate and nu-mag


1:55 PM

Vision is better and thinking a bit more clearly. Slightly dissociative effect, along with a bit of depressive. Read a paper recently discussing the fact that acetylcholine and dopamine receptor over-activity is associated with depression, so there could be something here. To combat these effects, I am going to go on my run.


3:03 PM

My run went pretty well, and then I felt sociable enough to call my father. Moreover, I felt motivated enough to try and purchase a pull-up bar, which I need. Unfortunately, however, towards the end of my run, I started to feel weak.

In order to evaluate the efficacy of ginkgo biloba in mid-day, I will now take some and evaluate it. I will take the amount of 60 mg. It looks to be about 24% pure, which puts it at approximately 12 mg, and the dose for those with dementia is about 50 mg.

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